Contract packing and Wine Logistics

The Idyll Wine Co wine tank farm at our winery in the Moorabool Valley.

The Idyll Wine Co wine tank farm at our winery in the Moorabool Valley.

At Idyll Wine Co, we’re more than a winery and a Cellar Door. Idyll Wine Co is a fully operational contract packing and logistics company, located in Geelong’s wine region in the beautiful Moorabool Valley.

We make our own Geelong wine from grapes grown on our premises. At Idyll Wine Co, we also craft wine from fruit sourced across Australia’s best wine regions, including the Barossa Valley and Adelaide Hills.

Additionally, we offer contract packing services for wine and cider companies looking to outsource the packaging of their product.

Idyll Wine Co’s contract packing service offerings are listed below:

Our team packing  Mr Finch Cider.

Our team packing Mr Finch Cider.


Idyll Wine Co offers canning contract packing in 200ml, 250ml and 375ml quantities in 4, 6 and 10 packs. We can not only wine and cider, but also RTDs and non-alcoholic drinks.  

Also available is in-line carbonation and Velcorin Dosing.


Idyll Wine Co offers bottling for both still and sparkling wines in 750ml, 1000ml and1500ml quantities in 6 and 12 packs. CHEP and export pallets are available, as well as Velcorin Dosing. We create the sparkling via carbonation or Charmat.

Ancillary Services

We also offer additional support services at Idyll Wine Co, which include exportation, winemaking and beverage handling, logistics, and storage (of both bulk beverages and finished product storage, space dependent).

Idyll Wine Co’s winemaking/ beverage handling services include:

·      The receival of finished beverages (wines, ciders, RTDs)

·      Blending of components (water, spirits, flavours)

·      Fermentation

·      Stabilisation

·      Filtration

·      Product development

·      Sourcing of components.

Quality Assurance

At Idyll Wine Co, we pride ourselves on our ability to mass-produce and contract pack top-quality wine and cider. Our quality assurance is ISO 9001, BRC, IFS accreditations (production, packaging and distribution).

If you are interested in contract packing at Idyll Wine Co, or any of our other services, please contact us on +61 (3) 5228 4888 or email your enquiry to

One our of Idyll Wine Co product transport trucks.

One our of Idyll Wine Co product transport trucks.