Winemaking, Contract Bottling and Canning


Winemaking + Bottling Facilities

Idyll Wine Co. is a fully-operational production, packaging and logistics company.  We are able to offer end-to-end solution for all of your wine and cider requirements.

Our facility houses some of the most sophisticated wine and cider processing equipment in the world, ensuring that our products are produced to the highest standards consistently every time.

With a crush capacity of 15,000T, storage and fermentation capacity of 20 million litres and the latest clarification technology we are set up to meet any customers requirements.

This is paired to 2 state of art glass packaging lines that are capable of contract bottling both still and sparkling products in 187mL, 330mL, 500mL, 750mL and 1500mL formats.  Additionally we have the capacity to produce 375mL cans on site in 4 x 6 or 3 x 10 formats.

The site operates to the highest of world Quality Assurance Standards – including ISO9001, International Food Standards (IFS) and British Retail Consortium Standard (BRC).

We have a fully operational laboratory that is capable of ensuring that our products are produced to specification on-time, every-time.


IIdyll Wine Co. actively pursues internal sustainability targets.  In 2017 we switched to sourcing our electricity direct from the Ararat Wind Farm.  We see this as the first step towards moving the winery to 100% sustainable power as we look to bolster this wind power with solar and battery power to fill the gaps when the wind is not blowing.

Coupled to this is our extensive re-cycling program that sees all of the organic waste produced by the winery being composted and used on our own and surrounding vineyards.  In addition all waste-water, plastic, cardboard and wooden packaging used on site is dealt with through various recycling programs.

Idyll Wine Co Cellar Door

Need wine? Live locally? The Idyll Wine Co cellar door has a huge range of our wine including Idyll, brands we sell internationally, and of course, our award-winning Arcadian wine.

Open: Monday-Friday from 10-5pm.