London Wine Competition 2019

It’s been almost a year since Idyll Wine Co was awarded a Gold Medal for winning ‘Wine Of The Year’ at the London Wine Competition in 2018. Samples for this year’s entries have now been sent abroad this to enter the competition once again, hopefully to bring home another fantastic result. This year, Idyll Wine Co is looking forward to showcasing more Australian wine at the London Wine Competition in March.

Idyll Wine Co’s 2019 wine entries for the London Wine Competition are listed below:

St Andrew’s Cabernet Sauvignon

Idyll Victoria Cabernet Sauvignon

Idyll Victoria Shiraz

Winton Rd Barossa Shiraz

Winton Rd Barossa Cabernet Sauvignon

Punters Corner Cabernet Sauvignon.

Last year, Idyll Wine Co was one of five Australian wines to receive the incredible honour of first place. Sixteen wines in total won the gold, surpassing the 137 wines who received silver medals, and the hundreds of entries. Additionally, the winning Shiraz also won ‘Best Wine Of The Year’ and ‘Best In Show From Australia’ at the competition last year.

Idyll Wine Co’s Arcadian Shiraz sells for just $10, yet its incomparable quality was appreciated by the esteemed judges at the London Wine Competition. We’re proud to craft both our own label and private label wines from both locally and nationally sourced fruits. Our wine makers take pride in working to create wines that allow the fruit flavour to shine.

If you would like to purchase any of our wines or talk to our staff about our award winners from last year, pop into our Cellar Door at 265 Ballan Road, Moorabool VIC 3213. Our Cellar Door is open Monday – Friday from 10 am to 5 pm.